Thursday, March 26, 2015

Golf Season

Sounds about right!
 As I opened my email from Elle Golf, I got more and more excited about joining this ladies golf league!  Each year, I said I was going to do more golfing and each year I do not.

Finally....yes finally, I have made the commitment to do it!

I have six weeks of golf lessons plus golfing with other women who just want to get outside and enjoy the sport and fresh air.

When I saw this cartoon, I laughed!  Each time I played golf, my rule was to pick up the ball before it got to double digits.  This year, I am excited to actually see what I will actually score, for real.

My new love for golf was prompted by the new course I have enrolled in with Muscle Activation Techniques.  I am one class away from completing my MATRx Wrist and Hand Certification.

Wow...what crazy results I have seen from this course!  When I was taking the course, I was talking to others about who would be my client that would benefit from this course.  The guys laughed at me as they said well, anyone who throws a ball; swings a bat; golfs; shoots a puck; hits a tennis racket and just about everyone on the face of this earth who uses a computer. Okay then, I thought to myself, it should be good.  Well, to my honest to goodness surprise, I have never had such an amazing feeling after a treatment!  The place where I felt the results was in my neck.  I would normally wake up with a sore neck and always blamed my pillow.  After getting pronation of the wrist treated, I felt instant relief in my elbows and the next day felt amazing.  I speak no lies!  That was how I felt.  After experiencing that feeling, I could not wait to share with my clients who golf and also with those who do not.

Since I am no longer running long distances, I am very excited to start another chapter in my life with another fun sport.  Along with the excitement of starting something new, I am sure I will also feel the frustrations of not being very good at it too.  Like my life with MAT, as well as in other areas of my life, I have learned that everything happens with a process and in due time.

I look forward to my next chapter in life!