Monday, December 29, 2014

That's another AMAZING year on the book! 2014 Review; What An Amazing Year It Was!

I realize every blog is reviewing their amazing year but it was such an amazing year, it cannot go unnoticed!

In 2013 I had severe health problems and I was only so happy to have 2013 closed and a healthy and positive 2014 was a new chapter in my life.  2014 was more than amazing, it was simply PERFECT!  Perfect, you may ask?!  Yes, perfect!  In one word to describe 2014 I would pick PRESENT to be the word to describe my year!  PRESENT?  Well, each year I learn so much about myself, and this year was no different except the biggest difference was to appreciate what I have in the current moment.  Don't "wish" for things to be better; don't ponder on "why" things are not perfect; appreciating the current position you are currently in is just perfect!  

Our year was filled with so many amazing things.  Here are the highlights of our year!

In February, Kevin and I did the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disneyworld, Florida.  My entire life I wanted to be a princess, like Cinderella, so here was my big chance.  We registered for the Princess Half Marathon; Enchanted 10K and the Family 5K races.  The 5K was awesome!  We had so much fun and got to have breakfast with all the princesses.  We then hit Disneyworld and had some fun.  Unfortunately the morning of the 10K, Kevin woke up with the stomach flu.  We still did the 10K but walked it instead.  After the race, Kevin went to bed and I did some touring around by myself.  That night, guess who's tummy felt yucky.  The morning of the Half Marathon, as we were on the bus, I told Kevin I felt like I was getting sick, except we chalked it up to me being so extremely excited for the race.  This was the race I had always wanted to do my entire running life.  Finally, it was here!  Well, as we walked to the startline, guess who puked in the clothing donation boxes!  I was so embarrassed!  At this point, I was 5K from the buses or 5K to the nearest medical tent.  Kevin walked me to the medical tent and then continued onward to finish the half marathon.  Me on the otherhand had my own nurse and doctor as my blood pressure increased along with my temperature.  The flu got me, but way worse than Kevin.  With both ends active (if you know what I mean, at the same time), I was monitored by medical staff.  With a 20 minute window to get my sick butt to the hotel room, I slept like Sleeping Beauty for the remainder of the day.  What an experience, that I will NEVER forget!  We did manage to see a couple of things but both Kevin and I each lost 10lbs in 5 days while being there.  I do want to go back and redeem myself in the future, but it was a dream come true no matter what!

In April, we travelled to San Francisco for the Rock'n'Roll, but this time, I decided to be a tourist and not run the race.  Only Kevin ran.  It was a tough mother, and I'm so happy I didn't run it. 

In between running races, I spent my time with all my study buddies in Calgary and I prepared myself to MAT Master's exam.  Heather Kelm and Kim Tilander were simply amazing study buddies!  In March I had gone to Denver to give it a try but failed my exam.  Yes, it was disappointing but yet I gained more respect through the process.  I never let things get me down so I rescheduled the exam for May and the time had come!  FINALLY!!!  I did it!  This was one of the biggest accomplishments in my lifetime!  

My be a MAT Master before I had turned 50 years old!!!!  I did it!!!!  I was so proud.  20 days after, I turned 50.  I wanted to bring my year with a bang but do it in Sheena style, so I decided to host a birthday brunch.  I love brunch!  I started off by inviting 20 friends and it quickly grew in size.  I first hosted a 5K run followed by a backyard brunch.  It was perfect and exactly how I imagined it would be.  I surrounded myself with the people who I love!  

On my actual birthday I made it a day I would not forget.  I took the day off work.  I spent the entire day getting pampered!  It was simply awesome!  I had my hair done and then I went and had a complete glamour make over done followed by a professional photo session.  I felt like a movie star!  

In June we ran a race on the Calgary Airport Runway which was really awesome.  I can honestly say we will never be able to do that again so I am glad I did it. 
I did the Calgary Stampede with some co-workers from Nexen in July.  We traveled to Regina Beach in August to spend a weekend with family.  In September we travelled to Disneyland so Kevin could complete his Coast To Coast with the Double Dumbo Dare.  We had so many memorable events in our lives and each time I reflect on them I feel very blessed.

With a very busy work schedule with my Muscle Activation Techniques business, I work very hard, but when it is time to play, Kevin and I know how to play hard too!  We feel very fortunate to have been able to take the last two weeks of December off from work and travel to our friend's home in Palm Springs, CA.  This is a year of making memories so Kevin and I have been doing a very good job of that!  We have finally gone to our very first NFL game in Arizona.  
AZ vs SEA - terrible game but an amazing experience!  With it being Kevin's birthday, we rented a convertible, just for Kevin, as a birthday wish of his.  It was fun!  I think I may have found the solution to hot flashes!!!  On December 31 we will be going to our first MBA game too.  And my biggest dream.......on January 1 we are going to the Rose Bowl Parade!  This has been a dream of mine since I have been a little girl and I cannot wait!

This is a year of making memories!  We cannot complain about our lives!  We may not be skinny but we are happy, healthy and living our dreams, in the moment of the PRESENT!!!!!!

We would like to wish you good health, wealth and happiness in 2015!

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  1. Amazing successes. Good for you! I see we are in similar boats, only I had time off in 2014 for a full year. Wasn't till late 2015 that I started to kick my butt in gear again. Things are looking up for 2016 and it's going to be a great year. I can feel it. :D