Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another amazing event!

I am so pumped!  As a goal of mine was to help women by empowering them with valuable information so they can help themselves.  Health Matters Fitness sponsored Dr. Natasha Turner, NY Best Selling Author and one of North America's Best ND.   Each and time every time I hear Dr. Turner, I feel revitalized and renewed with optimism and with my own health journey. I love how she presents the information in such a simple way.

My biggest pride of this presentation was from all the ladies and men who showed their appreciation to Dr. Turner.  They loved the knowledge; they loved the venue; they loved Dr. Turner!  For me, this was acknowledgement that they were indeed empowered!

Thank you Dr. Turner being so amazing!

Onto my next goal of empowering others so they are able to help themselves.

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