Monday, August 11, 2014

The Stresses Of Summer....yup, I said it!

Daily, I deal with clients who tell me just how "stressed" they are.  Yup....stressed and most of them are enjoying their summer vacation.  What???  It's summer time, how can we become "stressed"?  So I started thinking about my life and all the crazy things that we tend to do in the summer.

Lets see....where do we begin....
  • Winter's over so we go out an play!  Not just play, we play hard!
  • Extra daylight normally means we stay up longer and rest less.
  • We plan our summer vacation to keep our kids active, preoccupied and out of trouble.  What does that mean.....we go here, there and everywhere.....until they fall asleep from being exhausted.  
  • Oh that we have to play more, we need more less hours but get more work done.  That's not stressful at all!
  • Then we our family who also are doing the same thing as us.....and visit us!  Yikes....that means more work - cleaning, cooking, entertaining.
  • Yes, the roads aren't icy now so we better go here and there, while the roads are good.....right?  Of course, we can save some money camping, right?
  • Never mind all this summer vacation stuff, lets exercise as much as we can now because it is warm out and perhaps we can stock pile our exercise for the winter months.  Now's a perfect time to fit in a little marathon or triathlon too.
Anyhow, you get the point I am trying to make....

Treat your body with respect and your mind with care and it will thank you!

Plan - Prepare - Pleasure!

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