Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's January again - - New Year - New You - - Why this year?

Happy New Year everyone!  I believe it is okay for the month of January to spread the wish :)

What an amazing December and January so far!!!  In my last blog, I reviewed my Honolulu Marathon experience.  Post marathon, we vacationed in Hawaii for an additional seven days.  We recovered in the beauty of the island but yet enjoyed all the treasures it has to offer.  We spend the remainder of our time visiting Pearl Harbour, going shark diving at the North Shore and sea kayaking on the East Shore, plus the regular Hawaii activities of swimming, sunning (safely) and eating.  I can honestly say, it was one of the BEST vacations that we have had in a very long time, which in part I believe was due to the amazing friends that we shared it with.

When we returned home, the sadness did return though.  We came home to an empty house.  I believe in things happen for a reason though.  Luck have it, we were asked to babysit a friend's fur baby, Frankie.  Of course, I said yes!  Long story short, Frankie helped us realize that Moe isn't gone!  His spirit is still here.  Pets have this sixth sense.  She respected all the places that Moe loved.  She provided us with lots of puppy kisses and cuddles to support our soul, just what we needed!  I cannot explain, but it was so amazing!

As year ended, there was this amazing energy in our house!  Energy that could be felt by us as well as my clients.  We have a house that possess love, passion and positive energy.  It made me feel at peace.  With the past few months, I have done tons of soul searching about my purpose in life and now realize, it has been here under my nose the entire time but have never opened my heart to feel what it is.  I'm living it!!!  My soul purpose in my life is to help other by my example of actions.  In another words, WALK THE TALK!

Within this year, I have taken on several challenges to enrich my life.  Not only am I enriching my knowledge with Muscle Activation Techniques by continuing my studying and enrolling more classes, but also looking at classes where my body connects to my mind.  We cannot have one without the other!  So far, with two classes under my belt on "How To Be Happy For No Reason", I am blowing my mind!!!  I always possessed the knowledge but never opened my heart to understand.  Amazing!

With three weeks into January, a New Year - A New You, is this the year?  Hell ya!!!  This year, I am changing my opportunities and mindset for success instead of dwelling on the past and feeling the things that didn't work.  I am creating the positive opportunities for changes to happen.  I know...I've heard people say this before.  Be positive!  Be true to yourself!  This is different!  I am being mindful about what I have done in the past and changing it!  It's all a process!  I preach this with MAT, which is a mind/body process, well, other goals are the exact same thing!  It's all a process!

My new phrase for 2014 is - Own Today!  You do own it!  If you want it, own it!!!

Happy New Year everyone!  Here's to a New Year - a New You!!!

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