Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Two - Honolulu Package Pick Up

Surprisingly, after a day of traveling, the time change and the temperature change, we had a great sleep (thanks to the ocean).  Our morning started off early with watching the sun rise.  Wow, what beauty!  It was my time to stop and be thankful for my day and everything that was in my life.  This is one of the things that my good friend, Shawna, has taught me.  Be thankful and appreciative for the wonders you currently have in your life.  

After we got motivated, we wondered down towards the Honolulu Marathon Expo to do our package pick up for the race on Sunday.  As we walked, we stopped on the beach for breakfast at Barefoot Breakfast.  It was simple and perfect.  Their ordering system was allegator clips on a string and the zipped it back to the kitchen.  So simple and yet so perfect for their needs.  Hmmmm.....starting to see a trend happening this trip.  Our meal was serviced on a wooden plate, beautifully presented with a garnish of an orchid. simple, yet so beautiful.  Hmmmm....there's that trend again....simplicity.

So we set off to the marathon expo.  The walk was 5km from our condo.  We took our time, stopping and window shopping along the way.  There were some top of the line store and then there are those that aren't.  Bottom line, the store we loved the best is A-B-C Store.  Hands down, the best, because it is so simple and had all the necessities that you need to have a good vacation.  Hmmmm.....there is that theme again....simplicity.

Anyhow, we finally get down to the expo.  Kevin and I have been here before 2 other times, and this one was just as exciting as the very first time.  As I picked up my package, I felt both excitement and nervousness for the race, which is perfectly normal.  This time, I had a completely different goal for this race compared to other races.  This race is more for me mentally instead of the physical challenge.  I've done this before, I know I can do it again, but what was my main goal for the marathon.  

For those people who do not do marathons, it is hard to explain the pain you are willing to put yourself through to get that silly $2 piece of metal with a small piece of ribbon (in this case, it's seashells).  Why do we do it?  Why do we put our body through this torchure?  What are we trying to prove?  The answer is, we as humans need a challenge!  Big or small, it doesn't matter but we need something to understand our focus.  We focus our mind in the direction that we want our results to focus.  If we want to succeed, we will find a way to succeed.  If we think we will fail, we will fail.  

For this marathon, my goal is to do an experiment to see how my body can handle stress of running.  I will be documenting the entire marathon by video and each step I will analyzing each thing my body feels throughout the race.  I know the outcome of the marathon will be to finish, but ultimately it will be a mission to see what my breaking point is.  Will it be distance or will it be speed?  Will it be nutrition or will it be hydration?

Until raceday, I practice my preparation for this test of the human body.

Until next time......relax......all in the spirit of Aloha!

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