Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You never know who YOU are inspiring!!!!

Good Morning Health Nuts!!!

Wow, what an amazing weekend I had with family in Regina!  Kevin and I traveled to Regina to participate in the Queen City Marathon.  This was extra special for us as we had 8 family members running.  You see, 10 years ago, none of my family ran, even me!  I have just celebrated my 10th anniversary of running.  Anyhow, Kevin and I ran the half marathon alongside my nieces, Heidi, Jill, Nancy, Krista and nephew Shane and my great niece Ruby and one family import Rick.  It was a true family affair!  We had 3x the family members cheering for us on the sidelines!  It was so awesome!  The highlight of my weekend was the hugs from my sisters Cathy & Marge who encouraged each step we too.

You see, recently, my health hasn’t been 100% but I have been working on it.  I have been feeling better each day and I have not trained for this half marathon.  (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!)  The longest run I did was 9 km a week ago but I have been keeping my distance around 5 to 8 km, 2 to 3x per week.  Off I went but I had no expectation for time or completing.  I just wanted to start with my family!  Once in the moment, I realized that my family looks up to us for all that we do.  That was my motivation!  We were their inspiration!  WOW!  I have never thought of that.  So off I went......running 15 minutes and walking 3 minutes and drinking 2 oz of coconut water every 15 minutes and every 30 minutes I had 2 stingers.  I had a plan!  I didn’t focus on pace or time goal.  I focused on moving forward every 15 minutes. 

I did it........and I’m so proud of how I did!

Today, however........I feel like a Barbie doll!  Legs stiff and unbendable!  OUCH!

Stealing the words from MasterCard,
Registration for Queen City Marathon - $75
A full day of driving to Regina - $......
A rental car $......
But spending time with my family, inspiring them to keep moving, PRICELESS!!!!

Morale of this story.....keep moving my friends!  You never know who YOU are inspiring!!!!

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