Monday, August 19, 2013

Quest for Hormone Health Begins TODAY!

I am more than excited today!  On Thursday, August 15, 2013, I became a client of Clear Medicine, a Dr. Natasha Turner's clinic which the purpose is to integrate body, mind and hormones through diet, supplements and exercise. 

About one year ago, I noticed that "something wasn't right" but I didn't know if anything was wrong.  Does that make sense?  After serious research in many different avenues, I have decided that this wellness boutique was what I need to try to bring my body back to being "right" again.  You see, many of us just accept how we feel, but the trick is to always ask why things are happening to us and then to take action. 

I believe everything happens for a reason too.  I have wanted to attend the CanFitPro Fitness Conference in Toronto at least once in my lifetime so I decided to combine several things into one which made this trip to the clinic possible. 

My appointment was Thursday, August 15.  I was proactive in making the most of my initial consultation beneficial with Dr. Amy Tung, ND.  I would have loved to become a client of Dr. Turner but she no longer takes new clients.  All ND's are endorsed by Dr. Turner and follow the Hormone Diet protocol.  The beginning of August, I made an appointment with my family doctor and asked him for all the blood work necessary for my assessment.  By calling the office prior, I was able to get a copy of them.  Thankfully my doctor obliged and requested the tests - - all 25 of them/12 viols of blood.  One week prior to my appointment, my blood test results and client intake form were emailed to the clinic.  In addition, I requested one year of past blood work, for my own reference.  I would highly recommend people do this as it was a good reference point to see if your marks increased or decreased.  It really helped with my assessment with Dr. Tung.

On my appointment day, the clinic is awesome!  Great energy and environment!  Dr. Amy is so cute and awesome.   I really like her!  I felt very comfortable and at ease.  We started step one - "What is my goal from working with her".  Yes - GOAL!  If we don't know why we are there, why bother going.  If we set a goal, there is also work to achieve a goal too. 

As soon as she understood my goals, we started reviewing my blood work and symptom.  I found it so interesting!!!  My symptoms and illnesses in conjunction with my blood work were totally writing a story.  I my mind, there are two endings to a story - HAPPY  or SAD!  Together we put together the story and now we need to write the ending. 

From her assessment, my body is going through several things.
  1. Menopause
  2. Adrenal Fatigue
  3. Liver / Digestion Problems
  4. Excess Insulin
  5. Inflammation
  6. DHEA deficiency (handling stress)
I now have my plan!!!  Today I begin!  It is compromised of diet, supplements, exercise and stress management.  (This is specifically for me!  Please do not follow this plan.)

Many people believed I had to fly back to Toronto for my next appointment, but I do not have to!  My next appointment is in 3 weeks by telephone with Dr. Amy.  If I have problems with the plan, she is available by email.

Am I excited?  YES!!!  The good news is that the liver can regenerate itself.  With work and patience, together with the guidance of Dr. Amy Tung, I will be able to regain my own health and get back to feeling right again!

Stay tuned about my journey to good health!

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