Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Power Of Positive Thinking!

I came across this quote the other day on Facebook and it totally hit home for me!

Daily, I have clients who come to my studio to be "fixed" but many of them do not succeed on achieving their goals that they have set.  Is that my fault?  NO!  I have now come to realize that most the goals that are not achieved is because there is something going on their life that they have not made peace with at that time.  Until that time comes where they have made peace with themselves and whatever is getting them down, they will continue to have set backs and failures.  Positive thinking creates positive results.  It truly does, but why do we focus on negative things instead of positive things.  Besides that, negative things only feel yucky!  Positive things feel amazing!

So now I reflect on my life.  Why do I carry extra weight?  Why am I spinning my wheels.  For me, I have found my inner dragon and have taken charge and have been slaying the dragon.  I feel I have the upper hand now.  It feels good!

Does this mean people need to give up?  Hell no!  Working out is part finding out about ourselves!

My advice - NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

Wishing you health, wealthy and happiness!


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