Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And So It Begins.....

I remember when I first started as a personal trainer listening to my middle aged clients who were going through menopause and thinking, "Quit making excuses. It can't be that bad." Here I sit, 2:30am, wide awake! No it isn't from over thinking but frankly I am wide awake. For the past hour I have roamed from room to room trying to find something make me sleepy. Nope, nothing has worked. So now here I type - my blog all about my experience with menopause.

Exactly what is going on with menopause, I ask myself. I know I have heard people on TV talk about it, but they really aren't "saying" what is going on. Oh and then there is the Internet. That is enough to scare anyone with all the things one can read. So now what, I ask myself. I do know that I am going to be asking way more questions to all women who have and are going through it. It all may not happen to me, but being somewhat prepared may help lessen the blow when it happens.

I found this picture on the Internet and loved it. It made me actually laugh as now I see that it is true!

As I write this blog, I started to ask myself if I had to accept what was happening to me at this stage of my life. My answer is "hell no!" I will face this thing called menopause. How you may ask? Exercise! Weight training! Running! Food! And most importantly my regular favourite facials from GloSpa! This chick is going down fighting.

Guess what! Blogging may have been an answer to my insomnia. Time to grab some sleep before the morning arrives.

Happy Health Everyone!

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