Sunday, May 13, 2012

Team In Training - Spring'12 - 34 Strong Finishers!

Today I sit and reflect on another amazing season with TNT. For me, as a coach, mentor, motivator, trainer and runner it is an important part of closing a season. I hope to learn at least one thing each year from my mistakes or what I have done right.

Lessons Learned:
1. Keep it simple!
2. Ask more questions to find out everyone's story. Knowing their ties to TNT is important.

I am happy to say the groups were amazing and so supportive of each other.

Now the thinking cap is on for the Fall'12 season. We are always trying to get better and better each year and building a reputation of being strong in the running community. I am so excited about things to come!

The fall season will include Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.

TNT is also excited to introduce to you Triathlons. This is so exciting for us
! This sport is only growing and I can't wait to see where will go with it in the future. This season we are training for the National Triathlon.

Now to the planning of our next amazing season.

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