Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wow...what a "Rockin" year!

Blogging isn't one of the things that I put on my list of things "TO DO", but after reading several other blogs out there, it has inspired me to get back to business.
So why was my year "Rockin"? 

Several reasons:

San Diego Rock'n'Roll Event - June 5, 2011

Kevin participated in his FIRST Team In Training event as a participant.  We had just lost our bulldog of 12 years, Georgia Peach, and this seemed to be a good reason to love life again and have a purpose.  Kevin dedicated his event to our dear friends' Ross and Lynda Hunt's brother and nephew.  I am very proud of Kevin for the awesome job he did and for me, it was an wonderful reward to see Kevin experience my passion of Team In Training!

Los Angeles Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon Event - October 30, 2011

Here I'm rockin' it out at the finishline.  Kevin and I trained the Bikini Boot Camp Babes for this event.  We were small in numbers but BIG in spirit!  For this race, I, for once, had set a goal to beat my last personal best for a half marathon, which I set in Vancouver back in 2007.  I'm five years older BUT 4 minutes faster than I was then.  It felt awesome to "RACE" for myself which is something that I would normally never do.  I'm all about helping everyone else achieving their goals and my goals are secondary.  For this race, I hired a run coach, Tania Jones, and all my coaching was done online.  Yes - I feel I do know what I need to do and No - I felt I could not do it on my own.  I needed to be accountable to my run coach.  Tania was very patient with me.  I am very grateful for her guidance and advice.  I credit my increase in time to my dedication of improve myself.  Thank you Kevin for dragging my butt around the neighbourhood so I can get my speed and distance in for the week.  I was happy with the results!

Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon Event - December 4, 2011

The final Rock'n'Roll event for the year was in Las Vegas.  This trip was strictly for fun!  Yup....FUN!!!  We travelled with our long time friends and running buddies.  Normally races have an approximate 25% no show or drop rate but not this race!  All 44,000 people were there in some capacity!  I had the pleasure of running with Deb and Elena who had their race check list to accomplish.  You know you're in trouble at a race when your feet and legs are aching from dancing so hard before a race.  Yup, fun was the perfect pace!  Let's see, there was beverages, dancing, almost running through the wedding chapel, pawn shops, wedding chapels (The one where Kevin and I got married - The Chapel Of The Bells, which by the way, is connected to Tons Of Fun Motel.  That cracks me up!), gambling, photo opportunities with nice looking policemen and plain and simply having fun!  The race alone was crowded (Sally!  Sunshine!  Our code words to yell when we couldn't see each other) but we were never alone.  The gong show began once we crossed the finishline but that can't take away the awesome and fun experience I had with the girls.  Yup - mark this race off my bucket list.

As a result of running TWO Rock'n'Roll events, I will be receiving my ROCK ENCORE medal.  Kevin will be receiving his TRIPLE CROWN medal for completing THREE Rock'n'Roll events.  It's all about the *Bling*!

These events ~ AMAZING ~ Yes, even Las Vegas! 

This is it for my Rock'n'Roll Series for 2011.  I'm extremely happy with the outcome.  Was there more to life besides the Rock'n'Roll Series?  Hell ya! 

My next blog in January will take you on my RunDisney journey.  My taste of the Disney race events started  this September where we purchased, on a whim from Craig's List and ran under alias names.  It was fun and spontaneous!  My journey starts on Friday, January 6 when I run the Three Amigos 5K; then Saturday, January 7 I run the Donald Duck Half Marathon; and then finally completing my Goofy Challenge, I will run the Mickey Mouse Full Marathon on Sunday, January 8.  I'm nervous and excited ~ all rolled into one!  One thing that I do know for sure, I'm ready for the challenge - mentally, physically and emotionally!  Bring it on!

Well, that's all for my Rock'n'Roll Series for 2011.........I just wonder what will happen in 2012?

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