Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skin Cancer Screening - Done for another year!

Did you know that some of your old moles that you have had from birth can be develop skin cancer? I didn't! I always thought it started with new moles.

Today I went for my annual skin cancer screening. Yes, head to toe; inside and out (yes, exactly what you think); between the fingers and toes. I did feel confident that I would get an all clear BUT I do not want to EVER take that chance where it "IS" Melanoma ever again.

So, when I was in San Diego in June of this year, I severely burned when out on the race from my shins to my ankles. The doctor's words were to me, "once you have been given the warning, you shouldn't ever get another sunburn again as they will develop again." Yikes! Really?

A very good reminder for me.....especially when we are enjoying tons of sunshine. One more month of summer and then off to Palm Springs for September. Shares in the sunscreen company perhaps?

So, another year completed. Next check up is already scheduled - April 12, 2012, prior to summer, when it is a good starting point to measure the growth of a mole.

Please be careful everyone!

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