Friday, July 15, 2011

How Much Can A Brain Retain?

Today, as I study for my Muscle Activation Techniques exam, I started to wonder just how much room the brain actually had to retain all my thoughts and knowledge that I have recently learned.

I was thinking of my 89 year old mom, who on our last visit, thought I was only 37 years old and not 47 years old. When I corrected her, she actually was surprised as that meant she was coming 90 years old and not 80 as she had thought. As she put her hands over her head saying, "That means I'm coming 90!", she was a little confused where the absence of time went. Here's my question....what happens to those thoughts and memories recorded in the brain? Are they gone? Are they replaced? Are they filed somewhere else and only to be recalled when needed?

As I am studying, I too think, how can I remember this stuff. I am erasing my other thoughts? Am I making a new filing system in my brain? Am I going to be able to recall and remember these thoughts? How did I manage to side-track myself thinking about how I can remember things?

What to I think? I believe the brain is amazing! It will do what it needs to do and it will understand what it understands.

Is there room for more knowledge? YOU BET!!! If my mom can be 90 years old and only get a few things mixed up, that means I'm only half full of knowledge compared to her :)


What do you do to keep your mental sharpness? We focus on our physical sharpness, but don't forget we need to have the mental capacity to do it!

Until next time.....

Gotta Run...........

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