Friday, May 20, 2011

Muscle Activation Techniques Denver XIX

This weekend we have all come to the sad realization that we only have one more weekend to go here in Denver before we are released into the real world. SAD? EXCITED? Two emotions that each of us are expressing.

Not only have we all become professional associates who help and support each other, but also we have helped each other mentally and physically through this journey. An amazing group of caring individuals who I am proud to call my extended MAT family. No we are not all the same but we are all just a little bit different, which makes each of us unique but yet the same. In our class we have people from as far away as Florida to San Diego to Seattle to Montreal and of course little old Calgary. We are all pioneers in is amazing industry and it is so exciting to see how we can help spread the good news.

My exam date is set! I have confirmed my final exam date of Wednesday, July 20 in Denver. Fear and excitement are driving me to the finish. It has been an amazing journey! A special thank you to Heather Kelm of Calgary MAT who has been my study buddy, roommate and the best support system I could have asked for (beside my wonderful husband Kevin). She has talked me off the cliff a couple of times. Thanks Heather! Heather and I have been working out of the Calgary Volleydome and sharing a room where we have been practicing. I am currently practicing from my own home studio as well.

Why do I write this blog tonight? I am writing it to say thank you to MAT XIX classmates, Heather Kelm and my awesome husband Kevin. You have helped me rise to the top and it feels GREAT!

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