Friday, March 4, 2011

Remembering Georgia Peach - Not Just Our Family Pet!

As I write this blog today, I dedicate it to the memory of our dear Georgia Peach.
Georgia crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" on Saturday, February 12th, 2011.
Here we are, three weeks after our loss. I honestly didn't know how Kevin and I would accept it or take it, after all she's "just a dog". That's exactly it....she wasn't "just a dog". Georgia Peach was filled many voids in our life and helped us find peace within our souls.
Today as I sit at the computer to blog, I miss her coming over to me and putting her chin on my toes or pawing at my leg for attention. That endless and countless love - not matter how annoying I may have thought she was, she came back for more all the time.
Today I encourage each of you who is a parent of a fur-baby to scratch their ears, give a good belly rub and perhaps lay on the couch with them and appreciate them for their unconditional love.
During our loss of Miss Peach, we received many letters, email and phone calls from numerous friends, family and clients expressing their sympathies of our loss. We want all of you know that extending out to us has helped us deal with our deep and heavy hearts. We will someday get another family pet but will never have one to replace her as there will always be one Georgia Peach!
We miss you Georgia and we hope you are having fun with all the other bullies in heaven.

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