Friday, March 18, 2011

Never Too Old To Learn or Too Young To Stop!

Never Too Old To Learn or Too Young To Start!

In September I had enrolled in the Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) Internship Program in Denver, CO. Monthly I have been traveling to Denver to be challenged and learn this amazing new skill to add to my resume.

M.A.T. to me is simply amazing! The reason I felt I needed to go on this learning path was because there was a piece of the personal training puzzle that was missing to me. Why do we avoid working a sore muscle instead of looking for the reason it was sore, was the question that always popped into my head. So on the pathway of learn I went.....and pathway led me to M.A.T.

Seven months into my program and three months left, I am confident in this amazing tool! It's crazy! Amazing things can happen. The key word is "can" but not always will it happen. The body and brain are amazing. There are never any guarantees but with these tools I can test muscles, activate muscles and sometimes I can help people feel better. Wow....those are amazing tools to possess. I can honestly say "I LOVE M.A.T."

In my remainder time of my program, we are faced with more questions of the body and brain. Once I finish the program I do not believe that will be the end of my learning. Each day is a new day and each day I learn one more new things. My ultimate goal of helping people has become more "rounded" and "rewarding". I am not afraid of any one's aches or pains anymore. I do not treat pain but merely acknowledge pain and use those strong body signals to help me assess what the body is trying to say.

I hope each person has the opportunity to experience M.A.T. at some point in your life.

This photo is with my study buddy - Budget Rebucka. I've come to love every square inch of her bare bones skeleton.

If you are interested in giving M.A.T. a try, please drop me an email at

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