Friday, February 4, 2011

We're One Month Into 2011. Off With A BANG!!!!

We're One Month Into 2011. Off With A BANG!!!!

Here we are, doing what we can do to have a successful year. Here's Natasha, Brenda and me after a brisk 5k run during the cold and frosty days in Calgary. Hey, we can't wait for it to be nice but rather we can take control and get out there. Now that's how we are planning on having a successful year!

What is on MY calendar for 2011?
  1. Successfully finish the Muscle Activiation Techniques (M.A.T.) course
  2. Continue to HELP people - Health & Wellness Coaching
  3. Be the best person I can be for mankind - Giving back to those who can't give!
  4. Respect my friends - and tell them!
  5. Spend time and attention to my family - as they often get the least amount :(

So have you taken inventory of your life? What's on YOUR list for 2011?

Until next time!

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