Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day #1 -New York City

We did the expo yesterday. Wow, they run it like a well oiled machine! We walked out our hotel and straight down 39th to 11th and right into the expo.

They loved our Canadian group jackets. We stuck out like a real team, but little did they know we are just a bunch of fun loving Canadians who just want to have fun. In Ottawa, security thought a group of us were from the Ladies Hockey Team. Funny!

Anyhow, we filed through the entrance of the expo, presented our our race registration, along with our passports. Yes, ID is required for this race. They inspected everything with a fine tooth comb. Once we were approved, we were allowed to proceed to pick up our race packages. Fun! The lady who gave me my race package normally runs the race but injured herself and had to withdraw but still wanted to be a part of the NYC marathon. Isn't it funny how we don't do those sort of things. If we get hurt, we pout feel sorry for ourselves, but this lady still wanted to be a part of it. Interesting....and something that I feel that I will put into my tool box for future races.

Then we filed into the goodie bag area. Sweet! Dry Fit t-shirt and a bag FULL of goodies! It's just like Christmas! Once again, a group of volunteers having the time of their lives!

The next step was to file through into the fun stuff - exhibitor booths and merchandise. Most of us felt a severe sense of people overload. Amazing! I had thought Paris was big and overwhelming, but this takes the cake! At the expo you grabbed and carried anything that may have been of interest to you as the merchandise was flying off the shelves. There was everything there. You could just sense the $$$$ flying around. Words cannot express how overwhelming it was.

Next step was to eat our first meal of the day. Yes, no food makes Sheena a little grumpy:( We ended up at Bryant Park at a little martini/wine bar called Celcius. Very cool! It was all glass and surrounded a little ice arena. We totally enjoyed our experience and the food wasn't half bad either.

Today, Kevin, Jenn and Ross are running down to the expo to find out about the marathon race tour (3km away). I'm heading for breakfast with Michele and Rob. Neil, Ken and Carol have just left to do a 5 1/2 hour city tour. Today's goal, see as much of New York City without spending a lot of time on my feet. Saving my soft tissue for the mashing of tomorrow.

Things I learned from Day #1 in NYC:
1. New Yorkers know where Canada is! WOW!
2. NYC people are nicer than I ever expected.
3. This is one big city!

Until tomorrow!!!!

Stay healthy!

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