Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Science of Stress

Lately, I have been encountering more people dealing with "STRESS". Sound like you? I know it sounds like me. I remember thinking, "I can handle it", and yes I can, but how much is too much? What type is good and what type is bad? No matter what, stress is stress on your body.
Recently in my life, I have been forced to deal with many life situations - cancer, family death, work, financial, fitness and health stresses. With maturity and life experience, I have come to understand how I react to life's stresses. Like many of you, it is FOOD!!!
Food is my comfort. As a result, I too struggle with weight gain and weight loss balances. The one thing I do know, EXERCISE is the key factor for keeping me mentally and physically stable. It seems the first thing we will put to the side when we are dealing with the life stressers is EXERCISE when it should actually be the one that we keep in our lives. It doesn't have to be the same intensity but anything is way better than nothing at all.

To you, I challenge you, to soul search and realize what is your life stressers. Once you have identify them, deal with them, as the stresses in ones's life is way worse than without.

Attached is a fabulous article about stress!

Alberta Cancer Foundation The Science of Stress

Enjoy and think "Happy Thoughts!"

Until next time....................

Stay healthy, happy and strong!

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