Monday, August 23, 2010

Georgia Peach - Our Dog!

Hello Health Nuts!

Today's blog is all about our wonderful dog, Georgia Peach.

Georgia was born in December, 1999 and is a Pure English Bulldog. Well, in my mind, she's still my baby girl.

We are trying to face the facts that Georgia's time to go across the Rainbow Bridge will be coming soon. It is a daily struggle to see something you love grow old. Yes, even the family dog! But when are we being selfish and holding on and when do we let go? It just breaks my heart thinking of the end with her but realistically I do know it will be soon.

So my way of dealing with sorrow is reflecting on the happiness.

So why should people get pets? Here some reasons:

The Therapeutic Benefits of Pets - These are well known. Some may not be scientifically proven but generally we feel good when observing, playing with, or stroking pets.

The benefits to be gained from our fin, furry and feathered friends can be:
reduced heart rate

  • lowering blood pressure
  • relaxation
  • mood boost
  • increased social interaction
  • develop outward focus
  • improve confidence & self-esteem
  • they are entertaining and fun to watch

I know our Georgia Peach gave us all of this and more! Thank you Miss Peach!

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