Monday, July 5, 2010

Releasing Fat - Day 35 - Breads

Hello Health Nuts!

I hope everyone got out to enjoy the sunshine and fabulous weather that we had! I actually gave myself permission to take the weekend off so I was off from June 30 to July 4. Why is it that you can always use just one more day? All in all, it was an amazing weekend spent with Kevin and our other family and friends. It was perfect!

So even though I was officially not working, one can never be 100% off your nutritional plan. It was work! Along with sunshine will usually come beer, chips, bbqs and other challenges of summer. I did try hard to stay on plan but I did allow myself some treats over the weekend. The difference this time was that I allowed one or two treats a day instead of letting the entire weekend go to waste and starting over on Monday. I am proud of what I accomplished over the weekend too.

I read an article over the weekend which was excellent about diets. The best day to go on a diet is Saturday and not Monday! Saturday will allow you some treats but yet it won`t allow you to binge over the weekend and give up. It still gives you some structure. I like it!

Even though I did not post daily, I do keep a notebook to journal my food for the day. This morning I frantically entered my data into my journal. I`m extremely happy with my success over the weekend - and yes I did have a couple of beer and desserts, but not all day :)

I can`t believe I am at day 35 of 84 days of this program. I am really enjoying the articles that I receive daily and the support I receive from Cindy Walker is amazing! Weekly Cindy will check on me to see why I haven`t journaled or ask about my challenges. She also notices my successes too. It`s been so much fun! The total best part of the program is the daily articles. They have so much information and daily I am reminded of my goal.

Snippet of Today`s Article:
"The most difficult change in your diet is going to be the quantity and the type of breads you eat. Almost all of our breads today are so highly-processed that they are all high-glycemic. The other problem is that they have become such a staple in our diet. Old-fashioned stone ground bread is very difficult to find. Finding breads with intact coarse ground grains is even more difficult. White bread has a GI of 70 and a GL of 10. A bagel has a GI of 72 and a GL of 25. Whole-wheat bread has a GI of 71 and a GL of 8. Bread is all around us and begging us to eat it! When you look at the glycemic index, you begin to realize that it is worse than candy (Mars Bar—GI of 68 and GL of 26; or a Snickers Bar—GI of 68 and GL of 23). This is why you need to look at bread just like you would a piece of candy!

The high-speed milling of grains along with the removal of the husk and primarily using the germ produces the fluffy, light breads we all have grown to love. However, it is this very processing that allows our bodies to quickly absorb the sugars these breads contain. Along with potatoes, breads are one of the greatest reasons we are in the shape we are. Reducing the use of all grains and breads is necessary to improve insulin sensitivity and again, allow our bodies to release fat."

This is an awesome article as I know most of my clients also struggle with the love of BREAD. This is a typical type of article which is so factual and awesome.

This week`s goal is to PLAN! Funny thing, that was my last week`s goal too :)

That`s all for now............

Happy Training Everyone!!!

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