Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 42 - Lowering Your Cholesterol

Hello Health Nuts!

We're almost at the middle of July already and I've been doing the Healthy For Life Program for 42 days already. Time has gone by quickly. Since being on the program, how do I feel:

  1. More energetic

  2. Less fatigue

  3. More mental clarity

  4. More organized

  5. More focused

  6. Don't feel like I'm deprived!

  7. Happier!

  8. Less cravings!

I have have only seen a couple of pounds down but I'm more about how I feel from the inside out rather than seeing the numbers down. For me, all of the above "feelings" are way more important than numbers.

The Healthy For Life Program is more than a "DIET", but rather focuses on lifestyle and wellness. I like that! I'm about what's on the inside!

This week I feel more motivated nutritionally too and I am now starting to see the numbers go down.

This week's snippet of the articles is about cholesterol:

Everyone is concerned today about the level of their cholesterol. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are the number one prescribed medication in the US today. This is in spite of the fact that they can cause muscle pain, muscle weakness, and may damage your liver. Even though everyone in the medical community recommends a trial of exercise and diet as a way to lower your cholesterol before you begin any of these medications, it is rare not to see physicians simply reach for their prescription pad when they note elevated cholesterol levels. This is discouraging, since it has been shown in the medical literature that the use of diet and exercise can be as effective as most of these drugs. People who adopt the healthy lifestyles recommended on the Healthy for Life Program are able to significantly lower their total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels while at the same time raise their HDL or good cholesterol.

If any of you are concerned about elevated cholesterol or triglyceride blood levels, you should consider checking your levels at the end of the Healthy for Life Program. The majority of my patients have significant improvement of their lipid profile even after only 12 weeks on the program. Most of my patients who follow the lifestyle recommendations on the Healthy for Life Program are able to lower their cholesterol enough to actually avoid the need for medication. This is just one of the health benefits of the program you are involved with.

So get out there and get moving!!!

Gotta run.......

Sheena - The Crazy Running Lady!!!

(Victoria Half Marathon - October'09 - First half marathon after cancer! I LOVE LIFE!!)

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