Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 1 - The Role of Blood Sugar - Release The Fat!!!

Today is Day 1/Week 1 of my 12 Week program called "Releasing Fat" program.

I am will be journaling everything about my journey on this program. I am excited to be a "test subject" for such a program. www.releasingfat.com By me journaling, I will be declaring my honesty and truth to myself and a commitment to the program. This will be a challenge, but being accountable is one of the selling points of this program as it deals with a life coach as well.

The body operates on blood sugar, especially the brain. In other words, our brain needs sugar to work. Therefore, the body is very concerned about trying to control the level of blood sugar. If the blood sugar gets too high—greater than 200 mg/dl—a patient can begin spilling sugar into the urine, and simply not feel well. If it gets too low—less than 40 mg/dl—a patient can become confused, lethargic, have a seizure, and even go into a coma.

Phase 1 deals with sugar spikes and how to control the craving and sugar spikes throughout the day.

....Off I go to prepare my lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Gotta run..........

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