Monday, June 28, 2010

Phase 2 - Basic Meal Plan - Reversing Insulin Resistance

Hello Health Nuts!!!

What a fabulous weekend filled with sunshine! You could see it in the moods of people everywhere! People had a little pep in their step, grin on their faces and more motivation to get out and get moving more than ever! Isn't it crazy just how much energy the sun can generate. You will see people who normally wouldn't get on a bicycle, bike; walking and working in the yard. I just marvel at the power of the sun!

Saying this, I must say that I too am in the same boat. I love summer! This is my first summer after dealing with Skin Cancer so I'm still not 100% sure just how to approach it. Long sleeves or more sunscreen. It's a little weird I must say.

On the positive side, I feel recharged with my Healthy For Life Program! I had a fabulous exercise weekend and also my food was really good too. I feel as though I had success and can't wait to start this week. My lunch is already packed for today and it is a healthy, well-balanced, low-glycemic foods. I'm sure my score today will be awesome too.
Here's my journal to date. It's never too late to get back on that wagon and I am not only on the wagon again but on the right road!
Today Email Article Snippet:
Basic Meal Plan involves eating two regular low-glycemic meals and one low-glycemic meal replacement. You will continue to have one regular low-glycemic snack and one low-glycemic snack replacement. Healthy for Life Program, you are now able to begin adding whole grain cereals and whole grain breads along with some rice, pasta, and potatoes.
Example Menus:
Day 1
Two range fed chicken eggs prepared anyway you desire with one piece of whole grain bread (preferably Coarse Ground) along with a bowl of fresh whole fruit. You can use a non-hydrogenated spread made from vegetable oil or better yet you can use some olive oil.

Midmorning Snack Nutritional Bar

Lunch Tomato Stuffed with chicken salad Fresh melon of your choice Yogurt (non-fat, sugar-free) - 4 oz.

Midafternoon Snack Whole apple Handful of raw almonds

Evening Meal Nutritional Drink

Day 2

Breakfast Nutritional Drink

Midmorning Snack 4 oz of low-fat, yogurt

Lunch Turkey and Swiss sandwich made with a generous amount of turkey breast and low-fat Swiss cheese. Light Mayo, mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes can be added for personal taste. Again, the bread should be a coarse barley, oat bran, or rye bread. You can also use one of the sprouted breads like Silver Hills.Whole fruit or a fruit bowl

Midafternoon Snack Nutritional Bar

Evening Meal Spaghetti and Meatballs:
Use extra lean ground sirloin or ground turkey
Cook the spaghetti el dente or firm (1 cup only)
Use egg white only
Parmesan grated cheese
Spaghetti sauce of your choice
Directions: Mix ground sirloin with one egg white, whole grain bread crumbs, and Italian seasonings. Form small meatballs and brown slowly in a nonstick pan. Add spaghetti sauce and cook on low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Pour over cooked pasta (el dente-slightly undercooked) (1/2 cup). Serve with mixed green salad and low-fat or good-fat dressing.Mixed Green Salad with any vegetables added you wish-use an Italian salad dressing like Newman's Own
I'm really pumped to keep on track. After seeing my sister Joan on the weekend, she inspired me to stay positive, on track and keep motivated no matter how stressful your life may be. Thank Joan!
Have a happy and healthy fitness day!!!

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