Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 9/Week 2 - Exercise the Key

Happy Tuesday!!! I did it!!! I actually got a GREEN square! It sounds so silly but the visual display of how getting this score means I did something good, just as the RED square makes you feel like you failed.

Tuesday was a good day with exercise, food and mentally as my daily journal was accurate and complete. I still need improvement but I find it so funny how the "green" makes me feel happy and successful.

The snippet from today's Releasing The Fat article is as follows:

"I highly recommend that everyone purchase a pedometer to keep track of their activity throughout the day. Your goal is to walk 10,000 steps each day."

I do wear a "Body Bugg" daily and for me monitoring my steps each day is easy. Here's my status of steps that I have done until June 6 (I haven't downloaded my body bugg yet).

Sheena's Steps:
06/01/2010 17,220 Steps
06/02/2010 16,093 Steps
06/03/2010 12,226 Steps
06/04/2010 19,277 Steps
06/05/2010 12,434 Steps
06/06/2010 11,313 Steps

Here's to having a fabulous and awesome fitness day!!!!

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