Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4/Week 1 - Protecting Your Environment - Part 3

Day 4/Week 1 - Protecting Your Environment - Part 3

Summary of Day 3/Week 1
: Yesterday was my recovery day so I went for a massage instead of working out. It lowered my score considerable and as a result, I got a “RED” box. I had a feeling I would because of everything I had done for the day. It was a good day but not 100%

As a result of my journaling I scored 39 for June 3 on my Lifestyle Journal. My overall week score is just as important so I still have time.

I've displayed my score for June 3.

Today's Article Snippet:

If you have not already done so, you need to clean out all of the foods that are on the Least Desirable List from your pantry and cupboards. This includes all breads, white flour, rice, pasta, potatoes, chips, crackers, cereals, etc. You then need to replace these items with whole fruits, whole vegetables, nuts and legumes. It may take one to two weeks to feel that you no longer crave these foods.

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