Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 24 - Natural Hunger versus Cravings

Did you miss me??? Well, with a busy life, I, like most others in the world, fell off the wagon. Do I feel bad - NO! In my mind, my wagon is more like a bike ride where I need to get off and look at the scenery. I had one week where I spent catching up from being out of town and then preparing to go out of town, journalling. It is one of those things in life but I do forgive myself as it is called "LIFE".

After talking with my nutrition coach, Cindy Walker (the Healthy for Life Program, for REAL people, President, Fitness/Lifestyle Consultant & Wholistic Practitioner) I totally understand that I need organization and preparation in order for me to be successful with my nutrition. We then discussed since I knew that I would have this challenge, how would I modify my routine especially since we can anticipate this will happen. The idea is that "change" cannot happen over night, but being more mindful and modify habits, it the "healthy for life" way.

With my challenges in mind, I made a grocery list for Kevin to use while I was away. This enabled our food supply to be plentiful and adequate to continue with my healthy eating when I return.

Second thing I have done is think about the long term affect of putting something in my mouth verses instant gratification.

Each day is a new day! I continue on my journey!


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