Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sheena's Paris Adventure - Paris Marathon April 11, 2010

Only 4 more sleeps until I am jet bound for Paris, France. I am the Run Coach for Team In Training. 11 participants from Calgary; 3 participants from Saskatoon. It is so exciting as this is the first time that TNT is running "abroad". To add to the adventure, I am going to try to do daily blogs of my marathon adventure in Paris.

Today is packing day! So far, I've packed and unpacked about 5 times today. Each time, taking something out to lighten my load. I am finally down to 1 small piece of luggage and 1 medium piece of luggage and 1 carry on plus a purse. Too much? Too little? The important things I have packed is my race kit and documents in my carry on and clothing in one suitcase and miscellaneous stuff in the other. The important thing is that they are on wheels and I can carry them all with no problems (I hope!).

Kevin and I are just kicking back and relaxing the days prior to my trip as I will am traveling alone without Kevin. I'm a little nervous about that as we usually travel together. I know I will be fine but I will miss him and Miss Georgia Peach.

Back to checking my "check list" for my trip.....don't want to forget anything!
......à la prochaine

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