Monday, April 12, 2010

Paris Marathon 2010

Now Complete!!! So proud of all the TNT participants! They totally kicked ass, considering that they were so busy being tourists and not following the coach "rest" race plan. I managed to see all 16 of the Prairie Region participants among the 37,000 participants in the race.

What an amazing start - overwhelming actually! 37,000 participants and an estimated 220,000 spectators! Yikes....a little overwhelming.

After the team was put into their start gates, one of the moms from Saskatchewan and myself were off to find the 8 km mark to meet my cheer team. Colleen and I made many jokes about being two farm chicks from Saskatchewan being lost in the big city and only English as a language. Yes, I was extremely thankful for her being there. We got lost several times and thankfully for the Metro system, we found our way back to the finish line. It was the wildest, crowdest and awesomest...(if there is such a word) ever!

Weather - freakin' cold!!! I froze my ass off but the participants said it was the best running conditions ever.

After a celebration of wine, cheese and chocolate, we laughed and enjoyed each other's stories and company for the evening. To me, this was one of the best parts! The team finally came together as one! Once again.....TNT was a HUGE success for our participants! Congratulations marathoners! I am so proud of your successes!

Until next time....
Coach Sheena

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