Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Adventure Continues In Paris - The Unplanned Events!!!!

Stupid volcano!!!

Now who on this earth would anticipate a volcano erupting? This adventure has been extended until God knows when...the major airports have shut down and the air quality is poor and can cause the engines to explode. I am stressed that I am away from home and particularly away from Kevin. What I wouldn't do to have a big hug from Kevin right now!!!! My travelling friend, Cat, tried giving me a hug but no offense - it just wasn't the same!

Our adventure at the airport was not very pleasant. We lined up at a counter for Air Canada with several other passengers and only told to come back every day once they are flying. The tears came in abundance at the rudeness. Don't they know the more stressed they make their passengers, the harder their job is?????? After the lady making fun of me crying (in french) to someone on the phone and not realizing that Cat and Vanessa can speak and understand french, they understood everything they said about being foolish and crying. At the hotel, American Airlines have been amazing to their passengers and I only wish I was on one of their flights! If I ever come back to Europe, it will be with AA and not AC!

So here we are - three girls in Europe in one hotel room sharing one King Bed. Yes, cozy but it cuts the costs considerably. Vanessa checked into a Hostel and it would be only 20 Euro or so cheaper. At least this place is nicer and convenient. I am sitting next to a couple of the flight crew from AA and they have been nice enough to share some information and a couple of people in the lobby shared their information as well.

So until Tuesday we have decided to make the best of it...........

Off to do some laundry and see some sights.

Until next time...

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