Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Which Gives You More Salt: Bread or Potato Chips?

Okay, that's a bit of a trick question. When it comes to which food contributes the most salt to the diet (not foods that show the most sodium according to the label), bread is on the top-three list. The other foods that dump the most salt into your body? Guess.

If you didn't say meat products and cereals, you're like most people in a recent survey. When asked to select the foods that contributed the most sodium to the diet (from a list of 10 items), only a few people got it right: 13% said bread, and 12% guessed cereals. About 36% of people did guess meat products to be among the top three sources.

If you're about to say that you thought we weren't crazy about laws restricting sodium in processed foods, and that only 1% of people with high blood pressure are actually salt-sensitive, well, you're right. But that doesn't mean you should be pouring it on. Most of the time, if you have high blood pressure, you don't know if you're sodium-sensitive. And even if you're not, too much sodium isn't good for your bones or blood pressure. While some people experience a significant increase in blood pressure from sodium, you're more likely to get just a little boost, but that little boost ages you substantially. On top of it, foods containing sodium (Meat products? You eat them rarely, if ever, right?) usually contain other troublesome ingredients, such as saturated fat. Swap these sodium-stuffed foods for those that taste great and are naturally low in sodium (for instance, vegetables accented with herbs or nuts).

Fill your cupboard with heart-healthy fare .

Use this shopping list to find foods that fit the bill.

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