Sunday, October 11, 2009

I sure don't run like a Kenyan but....

Today I just ran the Victoria Half Marathon. It was a gorgeous day! Perfect temperatures in a beautiful city.

I crossed the finishline in 2:09ish (to be confirmed yet). This was not a personal best for me but in a way it was as this was my first race since having cancer. WOW....I am back! I feel strong and ready to take on new challenges. Honestly, today I was terrified about the outcome. This little thing (cancer) had kicked me in the teeth and I was a little big gun shy. I was right on track for a PB but the little mind games got in the way of the PB. Am I disappointed? I only learn each time I run.

Yes this was a perfect day.....a day I can run....any day I can run is a perfect day!

And in my dreams, I do run like a Kenyan.....but for now, I am happy with being Sheena.

Congratulations to Elaine Vance, Lianne Lamb, Josie Ooms, Debby Lamb, Ken Kittlitz, Reubin Anderson, Gord Piper, Wayne Ooms and Debbie Zelez and all other runners who crossed the finish line! We are all winners!

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