Friday, April 10, 2009

What A Beautiful Day!!!

Hello Friends, Family & Co-Workers!!!

I wanted to share my AWESOME news that I just received today! I just received my "ALL CLEAR" message from Dr. Arlette's office. They completely removed the Melanoma tumor and it is completely GONE!!! Life can now resume back to the crazy normal state. YAHOOO!!!!

I will be pursuing my passion as of May 1 as a personal trainer as scheduled. I know just how precious life now is!

I wanted to give everyone a gentle reminder to keep an eye on your body. I've attached an excellent website for everyone to take a look at so you do not have to go through this. Once having Melanoma I am now at a higher risk of getting again. Don't take it for granted like I did!!!! Lube up with sunscreen everyone!

Thank you to EVERYONE for their support. I so appreciate it more than words can express it!

Yours in good health,

Sheena Denscombe

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