Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Does Life Throw Curl Balls?

Just another crazy thought today.....

Just when life is looking so awesome, life throws another curve ball.

Only 32 more days (16 more working day) until I leave my big girl job and have to stand on my own two feet. WOW. As Kevin said, "and then the rest of my life doing what you have always wanted to do." Another chapter to my life.

Then the curve ball.......on Wednesday, March 25 I got the phone call that I have skin cancer. Yup...that yucky word, "cancer". I couldn't believe it. This just wasn't in my plan! So what do I do? Well, first thing I know for sure, I am strong! I am tough! I've learned to deal with things. So this thing I shall deal with. On April 1 I find out how serious this "c" is. That's no joke.

Until then, I am living life, enjoying life, being myself and loving my family and friends. I will be the best person I can be, and live my life the way I always do - integrety, happiness, positivity and perserverence.

Love life.....Enjoy life!

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