Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Training Schedules - When and where to have the time?

Fourteen weeks until the marathon in Saskatoon (May 24).

I was recently asked what my time goal was for the race this time around. My response was, "I would *LOVE* to crack 4:30, BUT.....I have to do the training to get the time." Yes, training......one must do the training to get the time. We all have dreams of always doing a PB at every race. I know I do. But why don't we always PB? It's called "LIFE". Can you relate?

When I verbally said this to another trainer, I actually stopped and thought about my answer for a little bit. Why do we always want a PB? A PB only matters to us and really it doesn' t matter to anyone else. So why do we care so much about them?

For me it has to do with goal setting. We all have long term and short term goals. I a PB isn't on your "goal" list, and it must be a goal at the top of the list, it just won't happen. For me, in 2009 my goals are trying five new things before I turn 45. In my goals for this year, I do not have any that are time driven. So when I run my races this year, I do not have the right to be upset if I do not do a PB because I have not set a goal to PB. Make sense? If I happen to set a PB, awesome! This means that race was only a stepping stone for my other goals I had set for myself.

Wow.....what a deep thought today? Enough of that! It's time to enjoy life and go for a run.....without any goals, just enjoyment and fitness!

Until next time......

gotta run.........
Sheena - The Crazy RunningLady!

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